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Hi, we are Habitat Horticulture.

About a decade ago, we noticed something important missing from our cities, towns and buildings and decided to do something about it. 

Habitat Horticulture was founded in 2011 with the aim to design, build and maintain living walls and botanic installations that transform and enrich the spaces they inhabit. From private homes, events and  public spaces to iconic workplaces and cultural landmarks, our mission is to bring awe-inspiring plant life to promote people’s connection with nature in the built environment. 

Then 2020 happened and COVID-19 threatened to upend the future of work and collaborative spaces as we know it. Millions of us (including us) were stuck at home, stressed out, and figuring out a new work/life reality.  We had Growmeo under prototype and it was time to bring it into action. For each Growmeo sold, 1% of sales will go to Feeding America who are doing incredible work to combat hunger and support our nation’s food banks during these unprecedented times.  

Thanks for reading and visiting us. We hope you love your Growmeo as much as we loved creating it.  


Gromeo Founder

David Brenner

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