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Fully planted & ready to hang.

Designed by the experts at Habitat Horticulture, Gromeo is an instant flush of greenery and grows where you need revitalizing plant life the most.

Gromeo living wall product for personal use - buy online

Pick your palette.

Just like people, different plants have different needs. Choose from a variety of designs based on your light levels.

living wall product

A burst of

Gromeo living wall product for personal use - buy online

Feel Better

Our physical and mental well-being is elevated in the presence of natural greenery. Benefits include enhanced self-esteem, reduced levels of stress and anxiety, and feelings of revitalization.

Gromeo living wall product for personal use - buy online

Work Smarter

The presence of plants measurably increases happiness, productivity, focus and concentration.

Gromeo living wall product for personal use - buy online

Clean the Air

Many indoor spaces contain harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can cause headaches, fatigue, and respiratory problems. Plants trap particulate matter and CO2 gasses while releasing oxygen.

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A space-saving,

Gromeo is the friend that can hang anywhere and gives good vibes all day. Just add water every 2 weeks and chill.

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living wall product
living wall product

Smart &

Handcrafted from maple wood and planted using Growtex™ – a unique geotextile from Habitat Horticulture made from 100% recycled PET.

How Gromeo

living wall product

Through capillary action the plants passively absorb water from the bottom reservoir. No drainage needed.

living wall product

Growtex’s water-efficient wicking technology provides the ideal amount of moisture and aeration.

living wall product

Pocket design makes it easy to swap out plants (in the event Gromeo needs a makeover).


living wall product
living wall product

The specs.

We care a lot that Gromeo will be healthy, happy, and look dashing in your space.

Materials: Habitat Horticulture Growtex living wall panel, Maple finished plywood frame, white polypropylene siding edging, live plants.

Comes fully planted and with mounting hardware/drywall anchors

Weight: Approximately 25 lbs with water in reservoir

Dimensions: 24" high x 26-1/2" wide x 4-5/8" deep

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